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Blood Type Donate Charts

Blood Type Donate Charts. Double red blood cell (drbc) just for fun. Types of donations / blood products.

All other donors and recipients must be safely matched,. The eight common blood types: Now, multiply the probabilities to obtain the chance for each blood group:

Group A Can Donate Red Blood Cells To A’s And Ab’s.

Not all blood types are compatible with each other, however, and therefore it's important to know who can donate to whom. Ab+ people can receive blood from any group and are called universal recipients. The charts below can assist you to determine either:

Each Blood Type Has Unique Properties.

There are an additional 61 known antigens in the rh system which can create millions of possible blood types. Simply said, who can you give blood to and from whom you can receive it. However, this is just a very basic labeling of our blood types and each type has further subdivisions.


People With Blood Group O Positive Can Donate Blood To Not Only Other O Positive People But Also All Other Positive Blood Types (Including A+, B+, And Ab+).

There are eight main blood types but some are rarer than others. If one parent has a and another has ab, they can either produce a child with a, b or ab blood types. Find yours on the chart to learn more!

The Eight Common Blood Types:

All other donors and recipients must be safely matched,. The blood types that exist in humans are a, b, ab and o. The abo blood type of the father if the blood type of the child and the mother are known (bottom chart).

Either Blood Or Platelet Donations To Survive.


During a donation, red blood cells are separated and removed from the other whole blood components. Download this printable blood type donation chart that is useful for determining which blood type can donate or receive from which blood type. In the united states, o+ is the most common blood type, found in about 37% of the population, followed by a+ in around 36% of.

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