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Can I Donate Blood If I Have Hemochromatosis

Can I Donate Blood If I Have Hemochromatosis. Rock river valley blood center rockford, il 61107 hemochromatosis and blood donor eligibility introduction: Other blood banks make local adjustments.

You require maintenance venesections of no more than 8 per year (you can only attend an ibts clinic 4 times per year with a minimum of 90 days between phlebotomies) With respect to quality of life, it was found that individuals who donate blood were generally healthier with respect to physical functioning and bodily pain, however, these findings may indicate that hemochromatosis patients who are healthier are better able to donate at public blood banks, rather than that voluntary blood donation has an effect on the donors' physical. Can i donate my blood at a blood drive or local blood center?

Can Someone With Hemochromatosis Donate Blood?

It's my understanding that there is no harm in donating blood and is good for your body.i also believe that you can't have hh with only one gene. Eight of 22 blood banks strictly followed national guidelines concerning persons with hemochromatosis. Nhsbt blood donors may routinely donate at a minimum interval of 12 weeks.

Virtually Anywhere, Anytime, The World Needs More Blood Donation.


Hemochromatosis is a disorder that interferes with iron metabolism, and results in excess iron deposits throughout the body. No fee will be charged for the phlebotomy even if the patient does not meet the criteria. I requested a referral to a heme but in the meantime my gp suggested i go donate blood to get my treatment started.

The Policy Is The Result Of Requests By Patients With Hh To Have Their Blood Used For Transfusion Rather Than Being Discarded.

By many places, such as the red cross, blood donations must be considered voluntary/altruistic in order to be added to the. If the person with hemochromatosis meets all criteria applied to all blood donors, blood from phlebotomy for hereditary hemochromatosis can be used to transfuse patients. How often can i donate blood?

When Phlebotomies Are Administered The Body Is Then Forced To Purge The Excess Iron That Is Stored In The Persons Organs And Tissues.

People with hemochromatosis are known as super blood donors, and are able to donate blood on a weekly basis instead of every 56 days. You are positive for the hereditary haemochromatosis(hh) gene; Rock river valley blood center accepts hereditary hemochromatosis (hh) patients as volunteer blood donors.


Hemochromatosis Is A Metabolic Disorder.

To learn more about hemochromatosis, please visit the nih informational site on hemochromatosis. However, haemochromatosis donors are able to donate more frequently based on their previous ferritin levels. If you have a high iron level which isn’t caused by haemochromatosis, you may be able to donate blood.

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