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Can U Donate Blood If U Smoke Weed

Can U Donate Blood If U Smoke Weed. In some cases, even those who smoke weed three times a week can donate! In some parts of europe, however, it can be.

Some people may think that they are disqualified from donating blood if they smoke weed. However, you cannot donate if you’ve smoked or ingested a synthetic form of the drug. However, you can’t give blood while you’re acting under the influence of marijuana (or any other substance).

So The Short Answer To The Question:

In many cases, the answer is yes. Yes, you can donate if you’ve smoked marijuana. | 710 morning show | sept.

There Are Two Questions Here, Really:

According to the american red cross, the guidelines for cannabis users donating plasma are the same as those for donating whole blood. Consult with a medical professional who specializes in addiction medicine. When it boils down to it, you are the person providing your blood to help people and hospitals around the country.

Plus, The Fact That You Can Donate Blood If You’ve Smoked Weed Is Good News For Collectors And Recipients Alike:


Smoking weed can have an effect on your body and blood pressure, so make sure this doesn’t affect the safety of donating blood. Can you donate blood or plasma if you smoke weed? Wether or not you can donate blood if you are a cannabis user sounds like a fairly straightforward question, however, it isn’t.

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“can i donate blood if i smoke weed, in general,” and “can i donate blood if i smoke weed. The red cross doesn’t encourage the use of controlled substances , cannabis or alcohol, however, this doesn’t disqualify someone from donating blood. Learn more about the factors that determine whether you’re eligible to give blood.

For Medical Purposes, It’s Used For Treating Trauma And Severe Bleeding.

Yes, you can still donate, but it’s a little complicated. A person can usually still give blood if they smoke. Can you donate blood after smoking weed?


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