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Can You Donate A Kidney If You Smoke Weed

Can You Donate A Kidney If You Smoke Weed. Because smoking damages the lungs, smokers are at higher risk of developing pneumonia after surgery. Some transplant programs adhere to the mainstream idea that any marijuana use constitutes drug abuse and will refuse live kidney donation by an individual with a history of marijuana use, stating that the decision is in the best interest of the donor and their recipient.

This should come as a relief for those who smoke medical marijuana to relieve symptoms of kidney disease, such as pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite. But what of marijuana users that want to donate their organs? Because smoking damages the lungs, it may put the donor at a higher risk of developing pneumonia after surgery.

Will I Be Able To Smoke Marijuana After I Donate My Kidney?

As a result, a quality of life improvement can occur, which can lead to a life with more enjoyment and less pain. With regards to kidney donation, a retrospective single center study of 294 living kidney donors and 230 recipients between 2000 and 2016 showed that donor cannabis use did not demonstrate any deleterious effects on donor or recipient posttransplantation egfr over a mean follow up of 2.1 years for donors and 5.2 years for recipients. So attitudes are definitely changing.

But What Of Marijuana Users That Want To Donate Their Organs?

Cannabis extract nabiximols is allowed for use outside the united states. About living kidney donation below. Authors of this review concurred that both cb1 and cb2 receptors are present in the kidneys, which are activated by the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

In A Case Report In The Journal Transplant, One Individual Who Smoked Marijuana Developed Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis (A Lung Infection Caused By The Fungus Aspergillus) After A Kidney Transplant.


Organ donors and recipients have traditionally not been selected if they use cannabis. There is no denying the fact that smoking weed can have side effects. Smoking is considered a risk to the potential donor.

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Effects in health and disease ( 2) this review from 2017 was published in the american journal of physiology (renal physiology). Can smokers be living donors? Potential donors should be honest with the transplant center about smoking habits to ensure that the donation and transplant are successful.

Although There Is No Evidence That Cannabis Causes Any Harm To The Kidneys Of Healthy Individuals, Considering The The Gravity Of Ckd The Lowest Dose Is Advised And Ideally It.

John i know you are very very knowledgable. Although smokers are not necessarily precluded from donating, smoking is considered a risk to donors. Does smoking weed disqualify me from donating a kidney?


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