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Can You Donate Blood If Pregnant

Can You Donate Blood If Pregnant. 2 donating blood depletes iron, so it is not considered safe. Pregnant women are not eligible to donate blood.

If you have excess breast milk you may be able to donate it to help premature babies. A lot of physiology changes take place as the body is adjusting to a new pregnancy. Donating blood when pregnant can compromise the baby's health and even cause anemia.

But You Need To Think Twice Before You Go Ahead.

On the website giveblood.org, the faq section specifically says you must wait until six weeks after the baby is born to donate blood.) 1 during pregnancy, you are at an increased risk for iron deficiency anemia. But you may still be able to help in a different, and very special, way.

Human Milk Is 87% Water, And A Blood Donation Takes 16 Ounces Of Blood From The Body.

Please be aware that one of the questions we ask new donors relates to whether you have ever been pregnant, and for existing donors whether you have had any pregnancies since the last donation, including early. If the pregnancy was lost during the first or second trimester, you’ll need to wait six months. If you had a blood transfusion during your pregnancy or at delivery then.


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In the us, mothers are allowed to donate blood six weeks after delivery. In principle, pregnant women cannot donate plasma. Typically, the volume of blood increase twice.

Pregnant Women Are Not Eligible To Donate Blood.

The donation of blood is more of a health concern for women and their fetus, than it is for a blood recipient. If you choose to donate blood while breastfeeding, you need to be very careful to stay hydrated. Generally, blood volume increases by about 60 percent.

(At America’s Blood Centers, “Pregnancy” Is Listed Among The “Reasons For Deferral”;


If donating plasma before you became pregnant was a consistent way you helped others, chances are you're wondering if you can continue donating while expecting. “we live in such a litigious society, i doubt anyone would let a pregnant woman donate blood anyway,” adds priver. A woman’s body produces at least 50% more blood during pregnancy than it does normally.

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