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Do You Have To Have The Same Blood Type To Donate A Kidney?

Do You Have To Have The Same Blood Type To Donate A Kidney?. A patients can get a kidney from someone with an o or a blood type. But thanks to advances in treatment—many developed by our researchers—we are now able to successfully perform these abo incompatible kidney transplants.

This blood test checks the tissue match between six codes on the transplant candidate’s and your white blood cells. Donors with blood type o… can donate to recipients with blood types a, b, ab and o (o is the universal donor: What do i do once i know my blood type?

For Other Organs There Is A Need To Match Blood Groups,.

Donors with blood type o. People who have type a blood can accept blood from donors with type a or type o. Blood tests also make sure you do not have certain infections like hiv or hepatitis that can be transferred to the recipient.

Do Kidney Donors Have Same Blood Type?


After the blood type is matched, samples of the donor’s and recipient’s blood are drawn and compared. The two people do not need to have the same blood type, but the types must be compatible to support a successful transplantation. You must have a compatible blood type in order to donate your kidney to a specific individual.

If You Are A B Than The Donor Must Have A O An Ab Or A B Blood Type.

Donors with blood type a… can donate to recipients with blood types a and ab. Type b blood types can donate to other type bs and to type abs. Determines how the transplant candidate will react to your kidney.

There Are 6 Antigens That Can Determine Whether A Donated Kidney Will Be Accepted Or Not.

Something like a person with an a blood group can receive from a pe. Type ab people can donate to. Yes, by rule, they should have the same blood group.


Recipients With Type Ab Blood Can Accept Donations From Donors With Any Blood Type.

If yourblood type is a then the donors blood type must be o,ab or b. The first step is to determine your blood type. (six out of six is a perfect match.) crossmatching:

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