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Donate Art Supplies Near Me

Donate Art Supplies Near Me. They help creatives afford supplies. Please pack your donations in boxes and/or bags that you can leave with us.

Art objects, estate property, equipment, inventories or any object of value instead of dealing with the hassles of selling your art (advertising, waiting for a buyer), donate it to helping hands of america. Your donations are needed and appreciated! Click here for a list of other creative reuse centers around the country that may be closer to you or able to accept donations through the mail.

Make Sure We Accept What You Have By Reading The Lists Below.

Donate to arts & scraps. We will send staff or a volunteer out to receive your donation. It makes a difference that unused items are resold or donated to people or organizations instead of landing up in a landfill.

Spiral Q Will Take Art Supplies And Equipment You No Longer Use.

We are very grateful to all of our donors. They help teachers properly equip their classrooms. We accept donations of clean and usable art and craft supplies.

We Use Recycled Materials To Empower The Community Through Increasing Access To Resources And Teaching Students Art Integrated Stem Lessons.


Many organizations on pine ridge reservation (and an elementary school on the navajo nation) work on arts and crafts projects with their students/clients and there is always a need for supplies. The art you no longer want can make a big difference in the lives of america’s veterans and their families. Never leave donations outdoors or after hours.

Make & Mend Accepts Donations Of Clean, Reusable Art And Craft Supplies.

Almost everyone has a bin of unwanted art supplies gathering dust in their basement. 30+ places to donate your surplus craft supplies if you have a bag or basket of excess craft supplies, here’s where you can donate them. Donated supplies will be distributed to volunteers who request assistance with their projects that are donated to hospital patients of all ages and families in need.

This Organization Provides Art And Music Supplies To Underprivileged Children Through The Country.

All donations are quarantined for a minimum of 3. Spiral q is an approach. The dreaming zebra foundation provides access to art and music supplies for thousands of children, schools, art therapy programs, and community organizations throughout the united states.


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