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Donate Expired Diabetic Test Strips

Donate Expired Diabetic Test Strips. Take the guesswork out of storing and using your diabetes test strips. Give your package to your.

These are wonderful programs that help support both humans and animals with diabetes. Check the expiration dates, we cannot purchase expired test strips. Give your package to your.

Charity Organizations Look For Donations Of Test Strips, Glucose Meters, Syringes, Sharps Containers, Insulin Pumps And Alcohol Pads.

To donate or learn more, click here. Sharing what you no longer need will save lives. Thank you for taking the time to donate your old diabetes supplies to those who need it.

These Are Wonderful Programs That Help Support Both Humans And Animals With Diabetes.

After test strips expire they can become unreliable. If you use an expired test strip, are you guaranteed to receive an inaccurate reading? Sell your test strips with confidence.

If You Think That Your Strips Are Inaccurate Do Not Use Them.


If you are planning to use expired strips, always use control solutions and test for accuracy before use. Diabetic test strips, liquid nutrition, formula, etc., may be expired up to a year. American diabetes association (ada) contacting american diabetes association (ada) will be a good idea to donate your diabetic supplies.

The Association Is More Feasible To Donate Your Diabetic Supplies Quickly.

Inspired by a type 1 diabetes diagnosis, donate my test strips was established in 2000 in chapel hill, nc. Syringes, insulin (these do expire), insulin pens, and test strips Open packages of disposable briefs and chux are okay, so are wheelchairs, lifts, and other items with dead batteries.

Donate Test Strips To The Pet Diabetes Program If.

If your stockpile has been sitting for too long or you’re not testing as often as you had originally anticipated, your test strips may have expired. The expired test strips you donate will be given to the pet diabetes program or the diabetes art center. An expired test strip of two years, for example, is extremely likely to provide an inaccurate result.


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