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Donate Golf Clubs Goodwill. He received total compensation worth $1,188,733, including a base salary of $350,200, bonuses worth $87,550, retirement benefits of $71,050, and $637,864 in other reportable compensation. Golf clubs are typically placed in a huge bin or near the furniture at most of the ones i’ve been too.

That’s the logical place to look. We support the donation of: You can find all donation sites here.

Donations Should Be Clean, Safe And Resaleable.


To find a list of items we cannot accept, please scroll to the next section. With the limitations often found in education budgets, you can help out your local school by donating the clubs to the golf team, or for use in gym class. You can donate used golf balls to a local school club, nonprofit, or thrift store.

You May Want To Consider Donating Your Old Golf Balls To A Thrift Store, A High School Golf Club, Or A Sporting Nonprofit Organization If You Don’t Plan On Making Money From Them.

Those items will no longer be available for purchase, effective december 1, 2021. One way to get rid of your old clubs while helping others in the process is to donate them to an organization or business. Your donations to goodwill are tax deductible.

This Will Help Change Children’s Lives And Make Them Better.

Assume the following items are in good condition, and remember: Gather used major manufacturer name brand golf clubs that you would like to donate. Having a set of gloves can prevent the clubs from slipping while learning your swing.


Gloves Also Can Prevent Blisters And Calluses.

Goodwill accepts donations of gently used items. Douglas barr, former ceo of the goodwill of southern california, was the highest paid goodwill executive in the country. A new bag can set you back $100 or more, while a gently used one at goodwill only costs $14.99.

If You Have A Demand For Renting Goodwill Golf Clubs Service, You Can Contact Us Directly Via Our Email, Telephone, We Will Give More Detailed Information About Conditionsthe Results Of Goodwill Golf Clubs Are Always Available On Our Site.

Depending on the type of service, we will allow renting goodwill golf clubs with different conditions. We support the donation of: At any goodwill store or our online store, you will find a range of entertainment at bargain prices.

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