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Donate To Build A Mosque

Donate To Build A Mosque. Each of these mosques also has a madrasa for islamic education. A mosque provides a place for prayer and everyday community services.

We collect donation from people to build mosques in rural areas of bangladesh where very few people can reach with their supports. Each of these mosques also has a madrasa for islamic education. We are a group in holland and we want, by allah’s leave, to build a mosque.

Your Donation Will Build The Mosque Foundations & Walls.

You can also build a masjid for £100 a month by donating your mosque charity as part of a group. We are using various means to collect donations. The muslims in charge of this hall have started asking people for charity to build a real mosque, and they go to the marketplaces to ask for charity almost every day, every friday at jumu‘ah prayers, and at taraweeh.

We Collect Donation From People To Build Mosques In Rural Areas Of Bangladesh Where Very Few People Can Reach With Their Supports.


You can start donating towards the mosque project today to build a masjid in a poor community and help. You can send this on our address or you can also online book this according to our address. Support relief projects in lebanon, palestine, syria, gaza & yemen.

When You Make A Donation For Mosque, We Are Able To Construct Mosque To Allow Muslims To Worship And Flourish As Well As To Promote Education And Progress.

Sending us a cheque made payable to eastbourne mosque building which will ensure all your funds are used for building the mosque. Donate any amount towards our mosque projects. I am asking you all to please donate wholeheartedly with however much you can to help me help the villagers to build a new mosque out of concrete to protect it from flood water and damage from storms, to help me to complete the outstanding works remaining for the ablution area so the people and their children can perform wudu without having to.

There Is No Condition To Donate With Cash.

The largest, a central mosque that can be enjoyed by up to 600 people, is £60,000. One of the means that we want to use in one of our campaigns is that we will ask anyone who wants to donate to give a specific amount, and at the end we will give an ‘umrah trip to one of the people who contribute during this campaign. We do not spend your money for ourselves as salary or other.


Build A Mosque With Uk Islamic Mission.

Building a mosque can also be an act of sadaqah jariyah for you or your loved ones. Imagine you and your family receiving the reward of every prayer, 5 times a day, every day of the years that’s 365. Your donation can earn continuous reward as it is providing an essential pillar of the islamic community for generations to come.

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