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Donate Used Car Seats. For example, many national organizations like goodwill will not accept them. Car seats are challenging to.

Car seat recycling and stroller donation. Can i donate car seats, pack n’ play, etc at these places? The colorado department of transportation and the colorado state patrol have teamed up with some very special partners at all recycling to create a recycle program for car seats.

If You, Or Someone You Know, Has A Car Seat That Is Not Being Used Anymore Please Offer It To Someone Else Who Is In Great Need But Can’t Afford To Buy One For Themselves.


Once a year, target and walmart hold a car seat recycling drive in which customers can bring any unwanted car seats in. Wheels for wishes does not accept donated car seats but there are a few great options when it comes to donating your car seat. The car seat is off your hands, and your loved ones don’t need to pay for a new one.

Car Seats Are Challenging To.

You could sell it, donate it, or pass it on to friends and family. September recycling event for car seats and booster seats. If you want to borrow or buy a used seat, or if you have a car seat that you want to share with a family in need, sell, or give to a friend, considering using this form, developed by safetybeltsafe u.s.a.

Most Organizations Will Not Accept Donations Of Used Car Seats.

Donate your gently used seat. Your next best option is to recycle your seat through your municipality (call to see if it takes them) or one of the rare car seat recycling programs. Many thrift stores and secondhand stores are not able to accept car seats.


If It Was Already Involved In A Car Accident, Make Sure To.

Recycling and trading in may also work well for your situation. By sending less to our landfills, you are helping to reduce carbon emission and doing your tiny bit to preserve the. Many of our clients travel with young children fleeing without a car seat.

Where Can I Donate A Pack And Play?

Give your gently used car seat a second opportunity for safe travel! People are encouraged to drop off their old, expired, or damaged car seats to one of the locations below to be safely recycled and kept out of our landfills. However, you’ll want to be open and honest about it.

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