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Donate Wedding Dress Tampa. Check their website for donation instructions: How to donate your wedding dress!*.

A wonderful cause you can contact is brides for a cause. Thank you so much to every single person who made the decision to part with their wedding dresses and wedding items for our wedding outfit amnesty. Riverview event venue donates wedding dresses to healthcare workers.

• All Beading, Sequins, Or Appliques In Place.

Not sure if your dress is appropriate? A whopping 800 items were donated in total which really was incredible. Check out some guidelines listed below.

There Are Plenty Of Etsy Shops Who Offer This Service, Or You Can Try It Yourself Using A Tutorial.


Donate a flower girl dress. If you know a bride who could use a wedding dress, read the original story and then email [email protected] to get in contact with the bride. Brides for a cause is a nonprofit organization that collects and resells wedding dresses to support charity.

Thank You For Your Interest In Donating Your Wedding Dress!

Although the amnesty is ending we will still be on the look out for certain styles of dresses, You can also ask any questions of us in the note field. All of their wedding gowns are offered for sale at the low price of $195 to $250 each.

Once Your Dress Is Ready For Donation, Simply Drop It Off At Your Charity.

Donate your wedding dress to a charity that makes angel gowns (gowns for infants who have passed away at or soon after birth) make it into a christening gown. After my wedding, i want to donate my wedding gown to a good cause. Since 1997, your donated wedding dresses are made affordable to others while proceeds help fund breast cancer prevention and detection.


To Date, We've Recycled Over 23,000 Wedding Dresses And Given […]

Not only can you donate your wedding dress to our charity, but there are many other ways to reduce waste and do some good deeds both before and after your wedding. Donate a shawl or jacket. Drop off or mail your donation.

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