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Donate Your Car Ct. How to donate your car: If you have any questions about vehicle donation, please visit our faq’s.

Low liability, buyer should have liability insurance so that your liability ends when car is removed; Call or fill out our online form to donate today! Don't forget the dmv requirements.

Looking For Reputable Car Donation Charities?


Cash in pocket within a couple of days; It’s easy to donate your car, boat, motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle to support quality programming from ct public as well as outreach and educational efforts in the community. Tell us about your car.

Don't Forget The Dmv Requirements.

How to donate a car in ct 1. We usually contact you much sooner than that. How to donate a car:

Choose One Of Our 3,500+ Nonprofits/Charities To Donate Your Vehicle To.

Welcome to donate a car 2 charity | donate a car 2 charity. Please print and sign your name in the seller/owner field exactly as it appears at the top of the title. How to donate your car in hartford, ct.


Fast, Convenient And Worry Free;

Ensure you can donate your car. Connecticut department of motor vehicles Donate as is, no repairs necessary;

Giving To Charity Isn’t Just An Act Of Generosity — It Can Be A Healthy Tax Break, Too.

Donate your car, truck, recreational vehicle, boat, airplane or property to connecticut casa for a possible tax deduction. The station will then sell the car for an average 65 percent profit, making it one of the more efficient car donation programs nationally. We’ll contact you for a free towing pick up within 24 hours of the next business day.

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