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How To Donate Blood Platelets

How To Donate Blood Platelets. If you have not reached these limits when you come to donate platelets, you can still donate that day. Platelet donation typically takes 2 ½ to 3 hours.

A single platelet donation can result in numerous valuable units. Platelets can only be donated at select american red cross donation centers and it requires an appointment. It’s actually fascinating to watch!

The Blood Is Taken From One Arm And Channeled Through A Sterile, Disposable Kit That Is Placed In A Special Machine.

Are able to regularly spare up to 2 hours to donate at least 4 times a year. Unlike giving blood, platelet donations require the use of both arms. Completing the health history questionnaire and having your machine prepared for you will take about 30 minutes total.

Where Can You Donate Platelets?


This allows more than enough time for their platelet count to recover. Platelet donation uses a machine to extract just your platelets and then returns the rest of your blood back to you. Can travel to a donor centre.

Plasma Is A Blood Product Given To Persons Of Any Blood Type In An Emergency.

Platelet donation typically takes 2 ½ to 3 hours. It can benefit persons with conditions like. Platelets can be donated once every seven days.

Are Aged Between 17 And 70 (If You Are Over 70 And Have Donated Blood Or Platelets Within The Last Two Years, You Are Still Eligible) Have Enough Blood To Donate Safely.

Any healthy individual who meets our eligibility criteria can donate platelets. However, one apheresis donation can provide enough platelets for one complete transfusion — that's six times the amount of platelets collected from a whole blood donation. How many hours a platelet donation take up.


During The Process, Whole Blood Is Drawn From One Arm, Then A Machine Extracts The Platelets And Returns The Rest Of My Blood Components Into My Other Arm.

Register your interest in becoming a platelet donor; There are 3 steps to becoming a platelet donor: Platelet donations at sbc are collected through a process called apheresis blood collection, or abc.

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