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How To Donate Cord Blood

How To Donate Cord Blood. There is a small amount of cord blood left in the placenta and umbilical cord following the delivery of a baby. Once the baby has been born, the midwife will confirm that written or verbal consent has been given and will pass the placenta to our staff, along with the mum’s consent to collect form.

Options for umbilical cord blood banking and donation as expectant parents, learn how umbilical cord blood can help others through public donation. Cord blood is the blood that remains in your placenta and umbilical cord after you give birth. How to arrange to donate cord blood.

To Donate Cord Blood, Ideally You Sign Up When You're Between 28 And 34 Weeks Pregnant (Although Some Hospitals Will Take Donations At The Last Minute).

If the blood satisfies the standard: Cord blood donation is a simple and painless process and worth considering, even if you decide not to store your child’s cord blood for your private use. Cord blood is the blood that remains in your placenta and umbilical cord after you give birth.

The Majority Of Expectant Mothers Are Eligible To Donate Their Child’s Cord Blood.


Donating cord blood to a public cord blood bank involves talking with your doctor or midwife about your decision to donate and then calling a cord blood bank (if donation can be done at your hospital). It will be frozen until it is used. The need for more cord blood donations find out why cord blood can be especially promising for patients of racially or ethnically diverse backgrounds and for patients needing a transplant quickly.

Bring The Free Collection Kit With You To The Hospital When You Go Into Labor, Then Contact Cord For Life® To Pick Up The Kit For Processing And Storage.

And for ethical reasons, the mother must give. A decision to donate could save someone’s life or could lead to a medical breakthrough saving thousands of lives in the years ahead. Upon arriving at the hospital, tell the labor and delivery nurse that you are donating umbilical cord blood.

If You Qualify To Donate Your Child’s Cord Blood, Complete The Donation Forms Before Your 34 Th Week Of Pregnancy.

No fees are charged to the parents for their involvement in the program. Cord blood collection is done by your trained physician or midwife after the baby is safely born and the umbilical cord is cut. In general, donation involves learning about options for cord blood and benefits of public cord blood banking, consenting to donate, and if the donation meets clinical criteria, maternal/family health history and a maternal blood sample are gathered to help the bank ensure the safety of the cord blood for future recipients of transplants.


There Is A Small Amount Of Cord Blood Left In The Placenta And Umbilical Cord Following The Delivery Of A Baby.

Cord blood donation to canadian blood services' cord blood bank is free and easy. Register to be a donor online, or call 0300 123 23 23. Mothers must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

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