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How To Donate Your Body To Science In California

How To Donate Your Body To Science In California. This will usually contain details and the consent form. Once you've decided to donate your body to science and have selected a specific program or facility, make sure to get a registration packet.

This way we can attempt to ensure that no procedures here interfere with the needs of the body donation program. This will usually contain details and the consent form. This kit explains the body donation process and includes a donor card for your wallet.

Because A Greater Variety Of Medical Organizations Are Served, Independent Programs Are Able To Accept Donors With Numerous.

For more information about this program, please click here for a full colour brochure. Donating your body to science the anatomical gift program allows one to donate their body, as a gift, to the division of clinical anatomy in the department of neurobiology and developmental sciences at the university of arkansas for medical sciences. This includes the wish to donate, and alternate plans should the program be unable to accept the donation at the time of your death.

When You Join The Science Care Donor Registry.

How does one donate to the university of california? Body donation for education is a personal decision that reflects your desire to advance medical knowledge. Also, the department of cellular and physiological sciences cannot accept donations if the family or executor of the donor contests the donation.


Who Can Donate In California?

Downloadable ucsf willed body program donation form Contact the program nearest you and request a registration packet. To donate your body to science in california, you fill out a form, have it signed by two witnesses and then notarized.

The Donations Are Made To The Uc Irvine Willed Body Program, Which Covers The Cost Of Cremation And Scattering At Sea After Study Is Completed.

Click here for the complete body donation packet. Other reasons for donating your body to science are altruism, a specific wish to further medical education or to give back to your alma mater. Our office does not directly participate in the body donation program at ucsd, but we work with them when deaths that fall under our jurisdiction involve a person who has donated his or her body to science.

Give The Gift Of Knowledge — And Life — By Donating Your Body For Medical Education And Research.


The decision to donate your body to stanford upon your death represents a priceless gift to the world of education and a tremendous opportunity for the students who will one day be among our society’s most talented and best. The document requires two additional signatures. You should discuss your decision with your family so that they are comfortable with your choice to donate your body.

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