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How To Sell Or Donate A Piano

How To Sell Or Donate A Piano. The snowman foundation in portland is one of the best outlets to donate your old piano. Please enter detailed information about the piano you'd like to sell below.

Does goodwill accept piano donations? A picture of the serial number which is usually black ink numbers on the cast plate. Having a written policy in place regarding the acceptance of donated items, and requiring that the items be appraised and that they meet certain stated guidelines, can be very helpful.

First We Require That Any Piano Being Considered For Purchase Undergo A Paid Tuning And Evaluation.

The dealer pays a small commission if he or she buys the piano. Assist you in finding a piano technician in your area whom you can hire to perform an onsite inspection and appraisal of the piano, if you decide that would be in your best interest. Here are a few guidelines specific to the donation of used pianos:

This Is A Simple Way To Unload Your Unwanted Piano.

Fill out your piano's information and we'll send you an offer if we're interested. It depends on your specific goodwill. They will accept old, damaged and forgotten pianos and utilize their resources to restore and renew.


Though We Usually Tend To Think Of Charities Like Goodwill And Salvation Army When Talking About Donating Goods , These Organizations Are Much More Likely To Have A Need For.

You just fill out a short form, and information about your piano is sent to a group of piano dealers, technicians, and restorers who have indicated a desire to buy pianos from consumers for restoration and/or resale. When you get in touch with the charity about your piano donation, they will chat with you and talk through the condition of the piano. Third the instrument must be in sellable condition.

A Piano Can Be Recycled By Removing And Breaking Down Its Parts — Wood, Steel Wire, Screws, Cast Iron, Etc.

Recycling is usually done locally, as the cost of transporting a complete piano can be prohibitive; After our team has evaluated your piano, we will make you an offer based on your piano's condition and resale value. Our showroom is currently open by appointment only.

With Grand Pianos, Remove The Music Desk Completely To Find The Serial Number Near The Tuning Pins.


A piano that is in poor condition won’t be accepted by any charitable organization. A consignment agreement will be sent to you. Try and do some research on your piano brand and come up with a price.

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