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Places To Donate Fabric

Places To Donate Fabric. Bring together artists/makers from across the regions. Rtf centers would be thrilled to take your yarn (or fabric, if you happen to have that on hand) for their seniors to use.

If you can not find free fabric, scout local businesses for cash donations and buy the fabric. Here is a resource list of where to donate. Click below to read their post:

I Emailed My Local Goodwill Store, And Also Another Local Thrift Store Mission 27, And They Both Let Me Know That They Do Indeed Accept Fabric Scraps.

Sewing guilds are a great place to donate your fabric to. October 24, 2008 0 found this helpful. All the textiles that they cannot resell (including these scraps) they sell off to textile recycling plants.

Know Of Other Places To Donate Fabric?

Its also really good to know that your donations are going back to your community. Our local organizers get everything donated. Let's spring clean our sewing space and donate the fabric and craft supplies that we are never going to use so others can benefit from them.


You Just Donate To Goodwill.

You can also google ‘sewing group’ followed by the name of your nearest town or city to find other local sewing groups who may welcome donations. Hospice and salvation army thrift stores are two good choices and there should be one in your area. Most places are more than willing to donate for a chem and alchohol free graduation.

Bring Together Artists/Makers From Across The Regions.

The fabric is often in high demand by quilters, sewers and other artisans. Place smaller scraps in clear plastic bags. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your.

Local Fabric Donations To Local Charities.


Please consider donating fabric &/or yarn to your local chapter of newborns in need! 112 owen road box 6245. We are always in need of fabric, batting and thread donations, along with volunteers to help turn those raw materials into quilts that those in need will.

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