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What Is It Like To Donate Platelets

What Is It Like To Donate Platelets. If you have questions about the donation process, visit our platelet donation faq. After an automated double red cell collection, you must wait 112 days before donating again.

Can 16 year olds donate platelets? Regular blood tests are taken to check your platelet count is adequate. Same needle, same stick, same questionnaire, same blood pressure check, same temperature check, same iron level check.

Chla Blood Donor Center Considers Donors Less Than 23 Years Of Age To Be Young Donors.

If you have ever been curious about donating platelets, you can find out more about it here:ww. Apheresis collection of plasma and platelets allows you to donate more frequently than does whole blood donation because the body replaces platelets and plasma more quickly than red cells. Furthermore, when you come in to donate, you may qualify to donate up to three units of platelets at one time, thereby helping even more patients.

Platelets Are Not As Type Specific As Red Blood Cells, Meaning That Most Patients Can Accept Platelets From Donors With Any Blood Type, Regardless Of The Patient’s Blood Type.


If you like to challenge yourself, or like to maximize how much you give back to your community, you can donate platelets up to 24 times a year, rather than just 6 times per year for whole blood. They cannot be given at a blood drive. Patti and royal donate blood platelets at our lady of sorrows very first platelet drive in homewood, alabama.

That Means Platelet Donations Are Constantly Needed, Especially During The Holiday Season When So Many Are Traveling Or Out Of Town.

Medically reviewed on december 1, 2021. To donate blood or platelets, you must be in good general health, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be at least 16 years. You must wait at least 7 days after donating platelets before donating whole blood.

Platelet Donation Is A Little Different Than A Regular Whole Blood Donation.

You can quickly become one of those folks that have donated 5, 10, 25, even 100 gallons, impacting and saving lots and lots of lives. Platelet donation (plateletpheresis) during plateletpheresis, only platelets are collected. Regular blood tests are taken to check your platelet count is adequate.


When Donating Platelets, We Ask You To Refrain From Aspirin Or Products Containing Aspirin For 48 Hours Prior To Donation.

You can donate platelets once in a seven day period and up to 24 times a year. The donor’s platelet count and available time will help determine how many platelet doses can be collected. I can tell you what it is like in vancouver anyways.

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