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Where Can I Donate Used Hearing Aids

Where Can I Donate Used Hearing Aids. One of the most popular places to donate old hearing aids, as well as hearing aid parts or other assistive listening devices, is the starkey hearing foundation “hear now” recycling program, which collects around 60,000 hearing aids a year. Lions clubs international runs harp (hearing aids recycling program) by receiving hearing aid donations in several recycling centers (some of them located in opticians’ offices, libraries, and banks);

To donate hearing aids to the hope for hearing program, please. You can deposit your eyeglasses at any participating walmart vision center. Donating old, unused assistive living aids or medical equipment is a great way to help those in need who can’t afford it, and in most cases its tax deductible too.

Meyer Blvd Kansas City, Mo 64132.

Those interested in donating used hearing aids of any age, brand or model can do so by visiting the hearing charities of america donations page. Amazon does not allow any hearing aid sold with the words “hearing aid” any where in the title, or product description. 27th street, 8th floor, new york, ny 10001.

When You Donate Those Glasses And Hearing Aids, The Lions Recycle Them And Fit Them To A Mother Who’s Never Seen Her Child’s Face Or A Father Who Can Now.

To avoid costly shipping you may secure the hearing aids in empty pill bottles with cotton balls, or wrap them in thin bubble wrap secured in a small, sturdy. The group uses those hearing aids to support people who are in desperate need of hearing assistance. Hearing charities of america 1912 e.

Local Lions Or Sertoma Clubs Are Excellent At Collecting Used Hearing Aids.


The starkey hearing foundation is another popular organization that accepts used hearing aids donations. That revenue is used to buy newer hearing aids for people who can not afford them. Fill out our online donation form

Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation 1010 Nw 22Nd Avenue, #144 Portland, Or 97210

Reports have stated that the organization collects 60,000 used hearing aids per year. You are going to have to list it as a personal sound amplifier. No matter how old or what brand your hearing aid is, it can be used to help someone in need.

If Your Objective Is To Help Someone In The United States, You Can Donate Your Used Hearing Aid To Hear Now In Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Which Is Part Of The Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Instead of throwing away your old hearing aids or medical equipment, nexgen hearing encourages you. Used aids and parts help us provide assistance to those who might otherwise go without. Your donation helps to underwrite the foundation’s.


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