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Where Can I Donate Vhs Movies

Where Can I Donate Vhs Movies. I gave 2 boxes full to my. Ebay is a great place to try to sell your vhs movies, especially if they are in mint condition or sealed.

If you are looking to try to sell some of your vhs collection, there are a number of places you can attempt to do this. The good news is that you can get rid of those old movies without sending them off to sit in a landfill. They’ll usually have a vcr capable of playing the tapes, and films can be put to good use rather than being lost.

Vhs Owners Can Try To Donate Them To Various Charity Projects, But Not All Charities Accept Them.

When i say craps i mean hard earned cash, i’m not in the habit of trading in turds. With online streaming sites like netflix, hulu, and amazon, vcrs and vhs tapes have little to no value at this point. When you search for the movie at amazon and check the price for vhs copies.

Ebay Is A Great Place To Try To Sell Your Vhs Movies, Especially If They Are In Mint Condition Or Sealed.


So if you don’t know what to do with vhs tapes, goodwill is a great place to try. And, lastly, consider throwing your vhs tapes out in the driveway if you have one coming up. There are still a lot of people who have not made the change to dvd, who go to the library to check them out, saving rental fee money.

If You Are Wanting To Try To Get The Most Money For Your Movies There Are Several Options You Can Try.

Suburban commando, the wolfman, beverly hills cop, beverly hills cop 3, rob o cop, ren and stimpy on duty, meet the feebles, legs diamond, the cable. Adam sandler, will ferrell, y'know, *fun* comedies that you would be ok watching with your grandma or grandma, auntie or uncle in a hospital room. They are obsolete, but do not fall into the realm of nostalgia products.

If You Are Looking To Try To Sell Some Of Your Vhs Collection, There Are A Number Of Places You Can Attempt To Do This.

Have you got a local nursery, they usually have a vcr and the little ones kove watching films in the afternoon. If all else fails, you never know who may want to buy them who lives near by. If you have a salvation army nearby, they might take your vhs tapes.


Then Follow The Link To My Ebay Auction So You Can Prove How Many Craps You Give About Classic Movies On Vhs.

It seems that over the past year, some branches have. Try donating them to places like retirement homes, community centers and the like. Some films haven’t yet been released on dvd, and a vhs copy may actually be the only way to.

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