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Where Can You Donate Hearing Aids


Where Can You Donate Hearing Aids. You may notice that your local audiologist, optometrist, library, senior center, or other community center offer bins for hearing aid donation drop off as well. You can make a difference!

Depending on donation, you may have different protocols to follow before donating your hearing aids. Donate your old hearing aids today! To donate hearing aids to the hope for hearing program, please package and mail the aids to the address below.


They Refurbish Donated Devices And Provide Them To Those Who Cannot Afford Hearing Aids Otherwise.


No matter how old or what brand your hearing aid is, it can be used to help someone in need. Hearing aids and other listening devices should be sent to: Include your name and address and an acknowledgement letter will be sent for tax purposes.

Donations Are Later Upgraded And The Refurbished Hearing Aids Are Given To People With Hearing Loss Across The Country.


Hearingdirect offers a wide range of affordable products, as well as information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. If you have bought a new pair of hearing aids, you can give your old pair to these hearing aid grants where they refurbish, clean, and pack them to distribute among the needy.moreover, if you want to donate the hearing aids separately to someone who needs them, you should be careful to clean, refurbish, and recycle them properly, before donating. You can make a difference!

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What Do They Do With Donated Hearing Aids?


Contact us to learn about making your donation a tax deductible donation. In the us, you can donate them to the lion's club national, the. The foundation supplies hearing aids to adults and children who are unable to pay.

They Refurbish The Donated Hearing Aids And Give Them To Those Who Can’t Afford Them Otherwise.


Lions clubs international has a partnership with the walmart corporation. If you are interested in donating your hearing aids, visit the lions club website to find a local club that. You can reach out directly to your group of choice to find information, or the organization may have the information listed on their website.

How Do You Donate To Them?


Some audiologists partner with charities to donate working hearing aids to people in need. You’ll know right away whether the ear specialist works with another party to bring the gift of better hearing into people’s lives. If you are going to donate your hearing aids to a local charity, you may have to go to their location to drop them off in person.

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