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Where To Donate Old Trophies


Where To Donate Old Trophies. Donate to a local charity. What makes it different than just recycling the content, is we help you pay it forward by rebuilding new trophies (out of your recycled parts) and donating them to 501(c)(3) non.

They will reuse the award to make new awards and trophies. Donate to a local sports club or school. Here are some great options for recycling old trophies.


The Best I Have Come Up With Is From A Crafty Site Which Suggests 'Use Them As Garden Ornaments'.


If you want to recycle locally, start by calling nearby trophy and awards shops. This trophy and award company accepts donations of old trophies and awards and recycles them to deserving nonprofits for free. We also accept old plaques, sculptures, and medals.

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Who Takes Old Bowling Trophies?


Don't throw away your old trophies, or store them in boxes—instead, donate them for refurbishing. Here are some great options for recycling old trophies. Contact goodwill, the salvation army, discovery cancer thrift and other nonprofit thrift stores.

I Have Searched For Recycled And Refurbished Trophies In Brisbane And Can't Find Anything.


Please send us an email before sending us your old trophies. You can give them to goodwill or the salvation army, as they sell them in thrift shops (for next to nothing). Donate your gently used trophies, plaques, and awards to be recycled, reused and regifted to local area charities.

Limited Quantities Of Trophies Can Also Be Donated To The Wasteshed In Chicago.


During the refurbishing process, nameplates are removed and the bodies of the trophies are reconditioned. ~how do we recycle our trophies? For items that are not reusable, we will recycle the parts the best we can.

We Are Also Rarely Responding To Emails These Days As We Have No New Updates To Share And This Effort Is Pretty Much Put On Pause For The Foreseeable Future.


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