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Where To Donate Used Blankets Near Me

Where To Donate Used Blankets Near Me. Drop your old blankets to secondhand stores and help those in need. In order for your blankets to count toward the blanket drive count, your package must be postmarked no later than august 31, 2021.

However, the actual blanket drive collection dates are from july 1st through august 31st, 2021. For blankets that are in near perfect condition, consider donating to a homeless shelter or charitable organization. However, before donating your blankets, you need to make sure that they are clean and ready to use.

Soldiers’ Angels Accepts Donations Of Blankets At Any Time During The Year.

A quick internet search pulls up organizations in your area that accept blankets as donations, including rescue missions and animal shelters. An example of this type of blanket would be a down comforter. You can donate your old pillows and other beddings to your local animal shelters, and you can check first to your local homeless shelter if they do accept old pillow since they also consider the safety and environmental concerns.

Before Donating, Take The Condition Of The Item Into Consideration.

Do not donate items in disrepair that don't work properly, are missing parts, or are ripped, torn, or stained. Recycled towels, bedding, and other items help animals in need. Check online or with your local police department to find shelters that accept bedding donations in your area.


Accepting Donations Of Food, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Tarps, Socks, Underwear, Hats, Gloves, Jackets, Razors, Deodorant And Feminine Hygiene Items.

If you’re wondering where to donate used blankets, there are plenty of options. Finding a facility where you can donate your old bedding is a rewarding experience. Call veterinarian clinics to locate pets in need.

Suggestions For Donating Knitted Clothing And Blankets.

Goodwill will sometimes donate directly to shelters or they can direct you to groups in the area that could benefit from blankets and clothing. Call or email for drop off times. Linens and blankets can be just as helpful as financial donations in busy shelters.

Blankets Can Be Donated To Homeless Shelters, Local Churches And Charities That Have A Clothing Donation Program, Victims Of Domestic Violence Shelters, And Animal Shelters.


Most organizations are not picky about donations, but some do require that blankets are not stuffed with any type of padding. Towels will always be a hot commodity for new homeowners who can’t afford to splurge on new ones. Drop your old blankets to secondhand stores and help those in need.

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