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Where To Donate Vhs Movies

Where To Donate Vhs Movies. What movies are black diamond movies. My recommendation would be to o.

Last night my brother was talking about trying to find a place to recycle old tapes that have been recorded over again and again. Looking to donate them to a daycare or some kind of kids group who still use vhs. Dumbo vhs tapes are sold for $700 a pop.

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To see if a vhs movie is worth something, check any online marketplace. The good news is that you can get rid of those old movies without sending them off to sit in a landfill. In my effort to “marie kondo” my condo, i have a sizeable collection of vhs tapes to donate or dispose of.

I'm Sure There Are Others In His Situation Who Could Benefit From Those Tapes.

My brother has down's syndrome and he loves disney movies, but he lacks the fine motor skills to put a dvd in the player. They can ask if local libraries or thrift stores will take the donation. Looking to donate them to a daycare or some kind of kids group who still use vhs.

If You Have A Goodwill Nearby, You Can Drop Off Your Vhs Tapes For Donation.

In most cases, even if goodwill doesn’t want your dvds for resale purposes, they can recycle them on your behalf. If you have a salvation army nearby, they might take your vhs tapes. Look under “completed sales” on a.


Donate Vhs Movies To The Library.

I believe half priced books will buy them, but you will get next to nothing for them. I was sitting there reading a book when an old lady came in trying to donate some tapes. Some mainstream stores like best buy will accept old electronics for recycling, such as vcrs, though you'll have to contact your local store to see if it will take vhs tapes as well.

If You Know A Group Or Daycare Who Could Use Them Pls Let Me Know Or Off To The Dump They All Go.

Your tapes have a decent chance of finding a new home with someone who will love them via a thrift store. The black diamond collection movies are the classic movies, plus some that you may not think about off hand. Of course, the list of acceptable donations can vary from center to center, so be sure to look up items that your local goodwill is currently accepting.

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